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CSPE: Presidential Election by Brendan O'Regan, Arklow CBS

A presidential election provides an ideal opportunity for an Action Project - the core concept of democracy is obviously central, and there's an excellent chance to learn about voting, including the PR system which will be very easy to see in operation because of the relatively small number of candidates

There are many tasks that can be carried out and many skills to be used. Such a project could easily become inflated so it will be important to proceed with moderation! Suggested approaches:

*Class could be divided into small groups, with each group being responsible for tracking the progress of a particular candidate.

*The group could study the candidate's literature, their political broadcasts on TV, their websites etc.

*The group or spokesperson for the group could give periodic progress reports to the full class.

*The class could do research and presentations on the Presidency itself, looking for example at the constitutional provisions (Articles 12-14) click here for Bunreacht..

*A brief introduction to the PR system of voting could be organized.

*A mock election could be organized, in the class or the whole school, using the names of the actual candidates.

*When the real election is over the voting patterns could be analysed, paying particular attention to the transfer of votes.

*At the end of polling day, polling booth officials may hand over the large mock ballot paper they use as information for voters - this is a useful visual aid for the any election.